Google before the end of the second quarter of this year two new devices plans to take off. Search giant next generation mid April, according to technology analyst Jon Prosser Pixel Buds will introduce its wireless headset.

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Prosser yeni wireless headphone He did not give too much detail about it. However, the expectation of consumers that are not included in Pixel Buds (2020) active noise cancellation (ANC) feature. Let’s see if the search giant will make such a surprise.

The target for the new Pixel phone is June

Prosser is also Google’s June 11He mentioned that he was preparing to introduce a new smartphone. But he said he wasn’t sure which device it was. The company’s next smartphone is probably mid-range Pixel 5a it will be.

Why Google to promote its new Pixel phone June it is not clear that he chose the bear However this pandemic it may have something to do. Another possibility is that the company will only attend the I / O developer conference. software oriented wanting to keep The latest leaks are a lot of the Pixel 5a to 4a 5G it will look like had revealed.

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