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American giant recently Google completed by Fitbit, soon for children Ace 3 It will announce a new smart bracelet model named. Device features and high quality press images have leaked onto the internet.

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Device, 1.47 inch diagonal and has a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels YOU ARE it will have a touch screen. The straps produced for the Fitbit Ace 3 are various in colors will be available.

Will be introduced on March 15

Standard measuring distance traveled between functions, calories burned, sleep time, etc. while taking part, sports modes It is stated that among them are jogging and cycling.

Smart wristband, Bluetooth using wireless technology Android and iOS will be able to communicate with smartphones running operating systems. The device with protection against moisture has dimensions of 172 × 26 × 90 mm and 70 gr. weighs.

Rechargeable battery, on one charge by eight days will be able to handle. If the device is fully charged about two hours will last. Official presentation of Fitbit Ace 3 15 MartIt is stated to be done in.

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