Especially Partners With the initiatives of the crypto asset platform, the fan crypto money of many football clubs in the world came to the market and reached significant numbers. This increases the interest of clubs in the crypto world.

Göztepe and Adana Demir are next

Galatasaray was the first to enter the cryptocurrency world in our country and GAL The crypto money is currently hovering around 10 Euros. Trabzonspor and Başakşehir jumped on the train afterwards. Karşıyaka, on the other hand, was listed on Bitci stock exchange and became the first club except for big teams.

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Galatasaray token started trading, its price tripled

Now, two more distinguished clubs are preparing to issue cryptocurrencies. Göztepe club will be represented on the Socios platform with GOZ money and will take its place on the Chilliz stock exchange. The pre-sale date has not been announced yet.

Adana Demirspor but domestic Bitexen signed with the stock exchange and started trading as ADS with a 1TL valuation. These coins cannot be found elsewhere outside of the respective platforms, but Socios recently offered their PSG, Milan and Roma fan coins to many exchanges, including Binance.

The value of fan money on Socios has exceeded $ 200 million, bringing partners more than $ 30 million. In this respect, both the fans’ sense of belonging to the club increases and the clubs have earned a significant income.

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