Qualcommannounced plans to increase audio performance when using wireless headphones with a mobile device. Qualcomm, Snapdragon SoundHe says that it is designed to deliver a solid and seamless wireless listening experience by supporting high resolution 24-bit 96kHz audio, ultra-low latency, improved matching and much clearer sound quality.

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Improved sound performance

The semiconductor maker states that Snapdragon Sound will deliver a seamless and immersive audio experience across a wide range of consumer electronics such as phones and wearables that cover everything from your voice calls to chat in a game, including streaming music.

Qualcomm, high resolution 24 bit 96kHz sound with Snapdragon Sound, 89ms delay, much better sound quality and advanced pairing offers.

James Chapman, voice, music and wearable products manager, Qualcomm Technologies International, said: “The human ear is extremely is sensitive. We strive to deliver innovations to address common consumer trouble spots at nearly all voice interaction points. ”

Snapdragon Sound is not a modular upgrade that can be attached to existing phones and headphones. For electronic device manufacturers, smart phones Snapdragon 8 series It needs to use certain Qualcomm hardware, such as Qualcomm QCC514x, QCC515x and QCC3056 chips for mobile chips, FastConnect 6900 mobile connectivity system and headsets. Device manufacturers presented under the new ‘Snapdragon Sound’ header to add to their hardware technology, from the chip giant will be able to license.


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