Qualcomm’s middle class in a short time Snapdragon 775 / 775G expected to announce the processor. The leaked information is basic features reveals.

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Source of information Qualcommallegedly a leaked presentation file from. Your new chip 5 nanometers It is reported that it will be produced using technology. Processor Kryo 6xx It will be based on cores, but the clock frequency is not specified. The platform also LPDDR5-3200 and LPDDR4X-2400 RAM’as well as fast UFS 3.1 will also offer support for storage units.

Could be the first Xiaomi to use

Spectra 570 ISP unit, three at the same time 28 megapixel sensor or 64 and 20 million pixel sensor groups per second 30 kare It will provide the ability to run at speed. Therefore video materials per second 60 kare at speed 4K You will be able to save in format.

Snapdragon 775’in, Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 wireless communication, LTE Cat.18 It is also stated that it will offer support for cellular communication and mmWave 5G (networks with autonomous and non-autonomous architectures). Finally for the sound chip WCD9380 / WCD9385is mentioned.

On the other hand Chinese Xiaominew hardware platform of adopting It is expected to be one of the first companies.


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