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Samsung Electronics and Mastercard, to securely authorize transactions with built-in fingerprint scanner one biometric card formed a partnership to develop. Thanks to this card safe contactless payment The operation can be carried out.

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The technology of the card to be developed seems to be similar to the technology of the biometric payment card that Mastercard announced in 2017, but in the new card, Samsung’s System LSI Businessa new from security chipset will be used.

The new venture is South Korea’s largest credit card company, which also owns insurance company Samsung Life Insurance. Financial by Samsung Card as to be supported.

“We will work with Mastercard and Samsung Card to create an environment where consumers can use credit card services with added peace of mind, leveraging our strong history of security solutions across a variety of applications such as passports, credit cards and mobile devices,” said Harry Cho, vice president of Samsung Electronics. made statements.

The launch of biometric cards in South Korea will be managed by Samsung Card and Late 2021 this is planned to be done. The developed biometric card will initially be available as corporate credit cards.

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