With nearly 4 billion users, online advertisements are now the most important source of income. Numerous platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google earn their revenues from ads and try to get more users into this cycle with a partial share.

Competition Board took action

In our country, there is an intense online advertising competition, but naturally, players with a large budget and strong can act more flexibly. This causes a monopoly.

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Competition committee took action and decided to initiate an Online Advertising Industry Survey to identify problems in online advertising and find a quick solution.

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In this initiative, which will grow with the participation of stakeholders, workshops will be held to fulfill functions such as identifying faults and negotiating with undertakings. Thus, decisions will be taken together with the whole sector. The full text published by the Competition Board is as follows:

“At its meeting dated 21.01.2021, the Competition Board decided to initiate an Online Advertising Sector Review in order to closely monitor national and international current developments in online advertising, to identify behavioral and / or structural competition problems in the sector and to develop solutions to these problems.

The online advertising industry has a complex supply chain that includes many services and players, exhibits double-sided market characteristics and consists of a wide variety of ad types and sub-markets. This complex structure and rapid development of the market has attracted the attention of competition authorities all over the world and the sector has been the subject of many examinations and researches. In our country, it is known that the publishing industry has turned from traditional channels to digital media in recent years, with the increase in e-commerce, online advertising has gained a great momentum and internet and social media usage habits have made our country an important market.

When viewed from the perspective of competition law, it is understood that anti-competitive concerns arise due to the market power of a small number of undertakings in the sector, mainly due to the size of data and product portfolio.

Understanding the structure and functioning of the sector, understanding the structural and / or behavioral competition problems in the sector, and the competence of existing competition law instruments in terms of establishing effective competition in this field and this It is aimed to discuss possible new tools related to the fields. In this framework, it is planned to organize various workshops with stakeholders in order to meet decision makers in the sector with undertakings and undertakings unions during the sector review process, to identify market failures and competition problems and to suggest solutions.

Sector stakeholders who wish to submit their opinions on the said sector separately to the Competition Authority will be able to convey their opinions and suggestions for review until 21.06.2021 to the address [email protected] In case stakeholders have confidentiality requests for their opinions, they should submit these requests together with their opinions. “


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