The most popular video streaming platform in many countries, including Turkey Netflixhas become one of the most popular TV series in the recent period. Lupinfrom the second season of first trailer shared recently.

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Netflix’s successful series Lupin’s 2nd season broadcast period has been announced

The series, which has aired its first season in recent months, second season confirmation had also taken. The first trailer of the second season of the series was shared recently. Second season net release date unknown but this summer It is known to be published.

The only information currently known about the second season is again From 5 parts will occur. Also playing the character of the main character Arsene Lupine Omar Sy in the second season again.

The details written for the topic of the second season are as follows: Assane’s attempt to take revenge on Hubert Pellegrini has left his family in shambles. Trapped in the corner, Assane must come up with a new plan at the expense of his life.

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