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German automaker VolkswagenDoubled its estimate of the share of electric cars manufactured in Europe. Of ten years finally, by the manufacturer 70% of the vehicles produced It will be equipped with electric motors. In addition, until then, Volkswagen was able to reach the markets in the region annually. From 1 million plans to supply more electric vehicles.

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Volkswagen’s appetite whetted

Available According to the data, the automaker at the end of the decade ABD and China markets in other regions, including supplied electric cars its volume plans to increase. Interestingly, VW’s new target is in electric vehicle sales last year. Europe’s overtake of China then it was announced.

Also other companies to electric vehicles encouraged the transition to speed up. For example, Swedish Volvo and British JaguarTo supply internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030. stop completely they announced their intentions. American company Ford Motor A similar statement had been made by earlier. According to the available data, VW is around a year in Europe 1.8 million when selling vehicles, Ford is about 960 bin, Volvo – 340 bin sells cars.

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