After Xiaomi launched the highly anticipated Mi 11 flagship, now another exciting the smartphone is preparing to take out. Xiaomi Mi 10SWe already found out in January that is on the way. With the device being listed on various e-commerce platforms, it became certain that the release date was approaching.

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As the name of the Xiaomi Mi 10S can be understood, it was put on the market last year. Of mi 10 series will come as part of it. The smartphone is slightly more powerful unlike the Mi 10, which is powered by the Snapdragon 865 chipset. Snapdragon 870 will appear with.

The countdown has begun

There is not much information about the rest of its specs at the moment. TENAA The list revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 10S will come with a slightly different design than the Mi 10. While the overall design of the smartphone remains largely the same rear camera design It will look like Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra as of.

Apart from that, the device 6.67 inch screen and 33W fast charging supported 4.680 mAh we know it will have a battery. The details about the smartphone are limited to this. If nothing goes wrong, the Mi 10S at the end of this month It is planned to be released.

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