One of the best services Xbox has offered for gamers lately Xbox Game Pass There was a big rumor about it.

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Games to be added to Xbox Game Pass in the first half of February have been announced

Rumor has it Ubisoftreleased last year and one of the most curious games of the year. Watch Dogs LegionWill be added to Xbox Game Pass’s library. The starting point of the rumor if before Final Fantasy VII Remakesaying that it will be added to PlayStation Plus Often Ed The name is a post made by the Twitter user. Sharing is as follows:

“As he heads to the Game, he Passes by his Legion of fans, waving as he goes. He spots his opponent across the room. “Show me what you got”

As you may notice Game, Pass ve Legion parts of it attract attention. That’s why such a rumor has emerged. Also in a recent video call Xbox President Phil Spenceron the shelf behind Watch Dogs Legion figürü stops. Before that Xbox Series S It appeared unannounced on the shelf behind Phil Spencer. But in the same image Nintendo Switch of Kojima Productionsalso has a figure. So the second case not quite it doesn’t show anything may be.

Watch Dogs Legion her ne kadar one of the great games of the last year although it has not been a very popular game. However, it is still fine to add such a game to the system. great news happens. This will become clear within a few weeks.

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