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Nikon, With Lightroom and Capture One. common point appears to exist, but adapted for digital cameras NX Studio the launch of a photo and video application called announced.

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The company still images and videos He says it includes a number of tools that allow you to view, modify, and edit. NX Studio, ViewNX-i and Capture NX-Dfunctionality, colors for specific areas. to customize enabling XMP / IPTC a single photo and video, including data editing and color management points in solution unites. In the future, given to these two programs support will also be cut.

NX Studiosame as other Nikon software products to interface but with a new, simpler interface with all tools and menus focused on improving workflow with category structure is coming. The company also even faster the responsiveness of each feature in the application to increase promises.

Key features of NX Studio:

  • Viewing and processing photos and videos in one application;
  • An in-line menu that makes it easy to navigate the application;
  • Various viewing options and a convenient shooting information display;
  • Main features of ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D;
  • Compatibility with other Nikon software;
  • Two format options.

NX Studio, Windows and macOS free for computers. Software by clicking here formal Nikon from the website you can download.

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