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American writer and actress Rachel TrueAccess to iCloud account was locked due to a coding error. Rachel True, for the past six months iCloud He says that he cannot access his account and the reason for this is seen as the surname of the author.

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Can’t access your account for 6 months

Rachel True, who stated that she had encountered this error for six months by posting on Twitter, said when she tried to access her iCloud account, “iCloud stopped responding. An error prevented this app from working properly. By sending us diagnostic and usage information about iCloud. AppleHelp improve its products. “encounters an error notification. The detail of the notification includes the statement” Unable to set ‘true’ value to lastName property “.

It seems that the software does not use the last name variable as a String but since the last name is True, the variable is set to a Boolean and fails the operation.

Notifying Apple of the problem, True states that the problem has not been resolved yet.

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