Mobile variants of Alder lacquer processors, where Intel will go to heterogeneous processor design, have surfaced.

ARM’s big.LITTLE Mobile Alder Lake processors, which will follow a similar way to their design, will bring together Cove series powerful processors and Atom cores under the same horse.

Alder Lake M: slim laptops

Alder Lake M in his family TDP values ​​will be scaled between 5-9 watts and will increase up to 1 big 4 small cores.

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Intel Alder Lake processors will be ready for production later this year

In the M5 class, 1 + 4 configuration will be accompanied by 64 EU while the U9 series will be accompanied by an iGPU with 96 EU in 2 + 8 configuration. It should be noted that this segment is mostly developed for ultra-thin laptops and tablets.

Alder Lake P: Performance laptops

Alder Lake-P’de TDP values ​​in U15, U28 and H45 as the name suggests 15/28/45 watt to be determined. Models from 2 + 8 to 6 + 8 core configurations will appear as mainstream and performance series.

Alder Lake S: Gaming laptops

Alder Lake-S’e when we come 55-watt single We see that the TDP level has been determined. ‘’Muscle’’ chips listed as class 8 small 8 large will consist of the core.

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32 EU Most of the iGPU-side models carrying with external graphics card points to pairing. Finally, the laptops that will be given to the models are 3rd quarter It is expected to be presented within.

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