The intense demand for laptop sales during the pandemic period and the peak of the crypto mining trend in the same period are positively reflected in the graphics card market. AMD and Intel were able to increase sales during this period.

The market is growing fast

According to the latest analysis, graphics card sales grew by 12.5 percent on an annual basis and 20.5 percent on a quarterly basis in the last quarter of last year. AMD increased its sales 6.4 percent and Intel 33.2 percent during this period. Nvidia It experienced a 4.37 percent decline. Intel’s internal graphics sales are also included in this analysis.

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With these numbers Intel‘s share in the market was 69 percent. AMD fell to 15 percent and Nvidia to 17 percent. Last year, notebook sales reached 230 million for the first time. This was the reason for the increase in Intel’s share.

With the effect of production difficulties, there was a slight decrease in the sales of the graphics card defined as AIB. In the discrete graphics card market, AMD fell to 18 percent market share, while Nvidia reached the highest number of recent years with 82 percent.

In 2021, the effects of the pandemic are still not slowed down, but demand is expected to normalize. While a decline of around 6 percent is expected in the laptop market, the PC market will reduce the demand movement.

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