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Founder of McAfee John McAfee and Jimmy Gale Watson Jr., cryptocurrency executive advisor, in the United States fraud and money laundering has been charged. News, US Department of JusticeIt was leaked to the press via a document published on the website.

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To blame According to the defendants, the investors through fraud From $ 13 million He took too much money. McAfee, Watson and their accomplices altcoin purchased and then an official Twitter through their account, they informed investors about the benefits of purchasing this cryptocurrency. Later, they sold the altcoins at the moment of the price increase, which gave them From 2 million dollars made a lot of money.

Also on trial for tax evasion

On the other hand John McAfee and its partners, crypto money startups They advertised it confidentially and did not inform investors about it. After this incident, McAfee and its partners From 11 million dollars is estimated to have earned more. U.S. Department of Justice, Watson’s in Texas detained announced that it was received.

According to another report October 3, 2020 in history, 75-year-old McAfee, From 2014 to 2018 for tax evasion in the USA during Barcelona He was detained at the airport and return waiting to be taken.

McAfeedevelopment of protection systems and malicious and analysis of unwanted software specialized is an American company. Company headquarters CaliforniaIs in Santa Clara. McAfee on February 28, 2011, Intelbecame a subsidiary of.

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