Considered as unique units in the cryptocurrency world, the NFT craze turned into a storm. Hundreds of thousands of people queue up, and NFT sales are collecting hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, the NFT craze has started on Twitter.


What we can define as a work of art NFT their products are unique and therefore cannot be traded on stock exchanges. It is only transferred from wallet to wallet and sold by lot on certain platforms.

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NBA Top Shot NFT sales have become a place where hundreds of thousands of people line up every day but luck laughs at a few thousand. If we say that the special NFT cards obtained have found buyers up to 100 times, the reason for this order is better understood.

Now, an interesting move has come on the Twitter side. Jack DorseyIn 2006, the first post of Twitter on the Twitter platform went to auction as NFT. Tron founder Justin Sun participated in the auction with 700 thousand dollars, the price increased to 2.5 million dollars.

NFT products, which can be stored uniquely due to the nature of blockchain technologies and where certain clearing rules can be applied, attract great attention in this regard. Currencies such as TVK and FLOW, which were interested in NFT, also started to attract attention in stock exchanges.

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