It was announced in recent weeks that Xiaomi will start smart phone production with the Chinese company Salcomp in Istanbul Avcılar and has made an investment of 30 million dollars. Young employees are needed for production.

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5 million phone capacity per year

Xiaomi Turkey The production volume of the factory is estimated at 5 million phones per year. The Xiaomi factory, which will make a significant contribution to our economy, will also reduce the Xiaomi phone prices in our country thanks to certain incentives.

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Xiaomi deputy country manager Irfan Ozturk posted new job postings on LinkedIn. Turkey to open 24 positions in total Xiaomi test engineer and technical engineer / engineer looking for help. Öztürk states that it will be a good opportunity for young graduates or young people with a few years of experience.

Xiaomi smartphone next to Turkey ‘s smart TV will produce the information came from. We can say that Xiaomi, which has made remarkable television products in the market, will also offer a price advantage in our country.

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