Microsoft ‘still sees Sony’The new generation game console made its debut a few months ago. PlayStation 5 controller in the past weeks DualSense complaints were coming in for a law firm and even a law firm. legal process He announced that he had started. Now too complaints are coming from the Xbox.

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According to the recent complaints Xbox Series X ve S controller for pressing keys unresponsive has begun. When we look at the reports the players him pc ‘when you try too both on the console He stated that the keys pressed on some controllers remained unresponsive when he tried. Microsoft, on the other hand, recently that they are aware and that they are working on explained.

Commenting to The Loadout Microsoft, “At Microsoft, we pass our products through strict quality control and a unique gaming experience we promise to offer. We are aware that some players are or may be experiencing unresponsiveness issues with their Xbox controllers. Our teams are actively working on this problem. For help customer support department you can use. “ found in the description.

We hope the problem In a short time dissolves. There is no development yet regarding the problems of the PlayStation 5 controller.

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