In late 2017, when cryptocurrencies first exploded, we witnessed graphics card manufacturers also launching special versions for miners. Since 2019, when the interest in this field decreased, the producers also shelved the project. Now mining cards try his luck again.

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Nvidia dominates the graphics technology market, AMD is trying to recover

AMD is also developing a mining card.

Especially to reduce the pressure on the playing cards Nvidia BIOS it had reduced digging speeds and started a special mining series. AMD’s graphics cards are also grappled by the miners and stock shortages.

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According to the information, AMD is also working on Navi 1x, mining graphics cards based on the first generation RDNA technology. These Radeon RX 5700XTB, RX 5700B ve RX 5500XTB It was previously on the agenda that he would be named. The tag B states that the card was developed for blockchain technologies.

It is known that Navi 10x cores are scaled up to 2560 Stream processors. However, it is stated that AMD will use GDDR technology instead of HBM 2 memory. Promotion of new cards will come in the coming weeks.

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