With a total market value of $ 1.5 trillion, the cryptocurrency market has naturally started issuing its own dollar billionaires. Dreaming of a financial world that is decentralized and free from the domination of banks, Satoshi Nakamoto sadly led to the establishment of a new exploitation order.

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Coinbase opens to the stock market

One of the leading exchanges in the crypto world Coinbasehas received permission to open on the New York stock exchange in recent weeks and will be the first public cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase, whose market value is expected to reach $ 100 billion, also made its founder a dollar billionaire.

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In the coming months, which will complete the opening move to the stock market Coinbase In closed sales, it managed to increase its stake to $ 303 and an increase of 1200 percent was achieved. Brian Armstrong, who was chosen as the boss of the year, also owns a fortune of $ 15 billion. After listing, Armstrong will have another $ 3 billion in his pocket.

The biggest gain in the crypto money market is in the pockets of stockholders. Since there are not many regulations for stock exchanges in countries, there are thousands of crypto money exchanges, large and small, and each of them is thinking of profit whatever we break from the investor. Often, exchanges earning from trading commissions and leveraged trading commissions earn significant incomes. Among the exchanges, Binance is the largest, especially in terms of its network, and possibly its owner, CZ, is another dollar billionaire.


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