Turkey’s cooperation with Amazon and donanımhab discount code we continue to distribute. This time, we have three different discount codes for hardware and lighting products. According to your basket amount 20 TL, 50 TL or 100 TL discount You can apply.

The discount code is only valid for the products on the campaign page. You can access more products with the “See all results” button under the campaign page. In addition, there are discounts on some products, especially Philips Hue products. You can also apply discount codes to these products.

Campaign page:

Discount codes:

  • 20 TL discount code for 100 TL and above shopping: DH20
  • 50 TL discount code for 250 TL and above shopping: DH50
  • 100 TL discount code for purchases of 500 TL and above: DH100

To take advantage of the discount Prime you must be a member.

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150 TL and over 30 TL discount on Amazon!

Click to become a Prime member:

How to use the discount code?

  • 1. Step: Make sure you are a Prime member to take advantage of the discount. Click to become a Prime member:
  • Step 2: found on the page, Add the product with the minimum amount or more to your cart from the products sold by. You must add 100 TL or more for a discount of 20 TL, 250 TL or more for a 50 TL discount, and 500 TL or more for a 100 TL discount.
  • Step 3: In the payment step “Complete ShoppingView your order summary by pressing the ”button.
  • Step 4: On the right side of the payment page, under the payment tool “Add a gift card or promotionFor 20 TL discount in the box that says ” DH20, For 50 TL discount DH50 and for 100 TL discount DH100 Enter one of the codes. You can only use one of the codes.
  • 5. Step: Complete the payment by checking the discount applied against the word “promotion” in the box on the right of the payment page.

In what date range is it valid?

You can use the discount codes offered within the scope of the campaign until Tuesday, March 9, 23:59.

Campaign page:

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