The iMac Pro series, which Apple has turned into a workstation with the Xeon processor, Radeon Pro graphics and high-level cooling system within the iMac design, is being shelved. Apple will continue with a single iMac series from now on.

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Apple as it is known ARM based on Apple Silicon chip, and within 2 years the entire Mac series will be ARM-based. As a result, there is not much difference between iMac and iMac Pro. In order not to confuse the consumer, the naming of iMac Pro is also becoming history.

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iMac Pro Products will be available at the sales points until the stocks are over. Only the basic configuration is available on the Apple Store site and upgrades are not possible. Then the iMac Pro will be completely history.

There is a high expectation that Apple will make a serious innovation in iMac design this year and equip it with Apple Silicon. In this respect, the iMac Pro model will also be withdrawn. According to the audience it addresses, we will be able to see different versions of the Apple M chip in iMac.

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