Clubhouse’s increasing day by day popularity, competing social networking platforms, as it were “whetted your appetiteIt seems like Instagram is also willing to offer a similar feature to its users. getting ready.

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Recently, which allowed 4 people to post to Instagram at the same time Live Rooms feature was added. Now is voice chat rooms working on. Developer named Alessandro Paluzzi came across some clues about it.

End-to-end encryption comes to chats

The new feature allows users to live audio conference will allow him to do. Unfortunately, there is not much detail yet. When to integrate the feature in Instagram Unknown. Not all of them are limited to this, but there is more.

Instagram developers are coming soon to chats end-to-end encryption (E2EE) will add. In this way, even if hackers access the correspondence, they can they won’t be able to read. This feature is in the testing phase, just like voice chat rooms.

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