Attracting attention with its AGR approved seats, double color roof option and new visor design Opel Crossland special for March Starting from 199 thousand 200 TL with prices and attractive credit opportunities. In the new Opel Crossland model in March 12 months zero interest for 75 thousand TL loan possibility or Postponement of payment for 6 months with a 12-month 0.99 percent interest option for a loan of 75 thousand TL opportunity is offered.

Opel’s representative in the C SUV segment in March Grandland X In the model, for a loan of 150 thousand TL for 12 months with zero interest rate or for a loan of 150 thousand TL 12-month 0.99 percent interest option and 6-month deferral of payment has the possibility. Also limited to stocks specific to March Opel Grandland X Enjoy Black Edition hardware takes its place in showrooms with prices starting from 305 thousand TL.

Opel’s successful model, which includes technological innovations and pioneering features in its class and appeals to every profile. Corsato in March Prices starting from 146 thousand 200 TL can be owned. In addition, Corsa models offer a 12-month zero interest rate for a loan of 75 thousand TL or a 6-month payment delay option with a 12-month 0.99 percent interest option for a loan of 75 thousand TL.

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Opel’s flagship in the D segment new Insignia on the other hand, it is sold for a loan of 150 thousand TL with a 12-month zero interest rate. New Opel Insignia for March can be purchased with prices starting from 448 thousand 500 TL. The 2020 model year new Opel Insignia is offered to customers with prices starting from 398 thousand 700 TL.

Opel also provides special opportunities for SMEs in addition to the opportunity of zero interest for 12 months for 100 thousand TL loan in Combo models special for March. Special for March, Combo can be purchased with prices starting from 177 thousand 200 TL.

Determined to take its claim in the commercial vehicle segment to the next level, Opel is preparing to introduce the new Zafira Life model to its consumers in March. It will make a difference in its segment with its advanced technology equipment, solutions that make life easier and ‘superior’ security systems. new Zafira Life, special launch prices starting from 287 thousand 100 TL and meets those waiting in March with the opportunity of zero percent interest for 12 months for a loan of 150 thousand TL.

Opel Turkey in March healthcare workers, lawyers, police, soldiers, teachers and first degree relatives of people in this profession Corsa to 3 thousand 500 TL, Cash advantage of up to 15 thousand 900 TL in Insignia provides.

Opel Turkey’s special advantageous conditions to March, excise duty exemptions in the model options available to consumers, in addition to the special price discounts to different occupational groups and financing conditions Opel Turkey can be accessed from the website.

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