Marshall, one of the elite names in the audio products market, has joined the full wireless headphone trend, albeit late. The Marshall Mode II model will compete against its rivals by combining iconic design with an affordable price tag.

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Marshall Mode II features and pricing

Marshall Mode II The headset model has 6mm dynamic drivers. Bluetooth 5.1 Connected via, the headphones have standard noise canceling feature with dual microphones. In addition, it can absorb outdoor sounds to a certain level.

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Offering satisfactory sound quality, the iconic Marshall logo of the headset can be provided with many controls such as touch and voice assistant. IPX5 It also offers resistance to water splashes.

The product, which offers up to 5 hours of use with a single charge, can extend it up to 25 hours with its stylish charging box. The Marshall Mode II model will be available on March 18 at the $ 179 price tag level.

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