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In the past few months, the tech industry semiconductor faced with a shortage of production capacity for chips. Qualcomm CEO‘its Cristiano AmonSmartphone manufacturers will also be affected, in a recent interview with CNET, he said.

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Semiconductor scarcity will affect everything, and of course it will affect smartphones as well.This problem, according to Amon, who uses the expressions In 2021 will continue until the end. Qualcomm CEO of the cause of the deficit pandeminin He also states that it has consequences. At first, the required materials request and its production fell sharply, followed by demand sharply rose, but production didn’t happen.

Flagship smartphones will be the most affected

Condition more Specific If we consider as applied restrictive measures Due to the fact that semiconductor manufacturers restrict the work of their businesses and meet the necessary requirements (social distancing, etc.) provide they had to production results Impressed.

Amon is also Qualcomm’s Chinese rivals noted that he was attacked. Of the united states Huaweiand a number of other companies sanction Due to the fact that it applies, smartphone manufacturers your rivals They started turning to their products (for example, from MediaTek).

Cristiano, from which smartphone segment chip shortage suffer the most did not give detailed information about what happened, but the most flagship It is stated that the devices will be affected. This is because it is extremely difficult to manufacture. 5nm Snapdragon 888 It refers to smartphones that use chips.

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