New Nokia G10 the features of the smartphone have leaked to the internet. Apparently, the device is the company’s first game oriented it will have a smart phone.

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The price is not yet clear

Nokia G10The specifications of the are listed on an online retail site. According to published information, the new smartphone 2 GHz frequency, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage and two SIM cards It will come with an eight-core processor capable of plugging. also 6.4 inch HD + resolution screen, NFC module, 4.000 mAh battery and LTE modem is among the other features of the device.

Stated the smartphone, showing that it is game-oriented G (Game) was named with the letter. However, Nokia’s new smartphone is not very ambitious and medium performance It is stated that he will play the games who want to. This is also budget friendly It could mean that it will be available at a price. Unfortunately the Nokia G10 price tag and when it will be available about no information is available yet.

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