Nowadays, we often use set-top boxes or HDMI accessories to make televisions smart, but Chromecast solutions are also very popular to transfer content only. Although Chromecast has now reached levels to compete with Android TV, it still maintains its basic principle.

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Chromecast YouTube interface has been renewed

You can view YouTube videos from a compatible device. Chromecast A simple video player was used that provided basic details when streaming it to a connected screen. When the video was completed, it would return to the Ready to Watch screen.

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The new interface that Google has reworked includes features such as changing the resolution, turning off subtitles, statistics, logging in and adding new videos to the list. When the video is completed, a window with suggestions appears this time. In addition, a control window appears in the YouTube mobile application.

The new interface is currently being tested with a closed group and it is stated to be an HTML5-based web experience. The interface, which is expected to be available in the near future, will improve the interaction on large screens.

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