The blue team will use the 14 nm +++ process for the last time, and the next generation chips continue to appear on the horizon, days before the launch of Rocket Lake processors.

Comet>Rocket>Alder>Meteor>Lunar Lake

Intel’s Ethernet driver e1000e’yi The first support patch for Lunar Lake, which comes with the update, has revealed the processor family that the company plans to offer in the next generations. DDR5 What is known about Lunar Lake, which is thought to come after Meteor Lake, which will follow Alder Lake, which is expected to be the first desktop platform with support, is currently very limited.

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At the same time, it is difficult to predict any date for Lunar Lake as there is no fixed time between the dates when Intel added support for its new chips to the e1000e driver and so far. Moreover Rocket Lake Not even seen on the e1000e.

On the other hand, some sources are after Intel’s Alder Lake Alder Lake Refresh Although it has not appeared anywhere in a Raptor Lake family to be positioned as persistent.

Going back to Lunar Lake, Intel is likely to use a refined 7 nm technique, which is predicted to move to 7 nm in Meteor Lake. Additionally in Meteor Lake Redwood Cove Let’s add that it will be passed to the kernels.

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Finally, in some leaks, Intel’s LGA 1700 It was stated that it would use the socket for 3 generations. Therefore, we can say that a new LGA 1151 is on the way.

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