Apple known for its reliable analysis of its products Ming-Chi Kuoshared the latest reports on the company’s virtual reality and augmented reality studies. According to reports shared by Kuo, the tech giant, next year first karma reality title and 2025 until augmented reality will launch his glasses.

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Apple’s augmented and virtual reality product studies

In Kuo’s reports, a three-stage chart is among the first to catch the eye. Company, 2022up to helmet types, 2025until glasses type and 2030 2040‘until contact lens will offer augmented and virtual reality experiences with type products. Helmet type product augmented and virtual reality while providing experiences glasses and contact lens type of products augmented reality It is expected to focus on its applications.

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Approximate all of Apple’s current prototypes of mixed reality headsets 200-300 gram However, if Apple manages to solve the technical problems it is currently facing, this weight will be can be reduced specified. This will make Apple’s headgear lighter than most virtual reality glasses on the market. The reports are also approximate on price. $ 1,000 It offers such an expectation.

According to Kuo, the mixed reality headset is equipped with various optical modules for a “transparent augmented reality experience” and Sony’s Micro-OLED It is expected to be equipped with screens. The title will also be able to offer a virtual reality experience. Expected to have independent computing power and storage, the header is built into a host device to work like many other virtual or augmented reality headsets. won’t need. Still not directly as a mobile device portable device will be positioned as.

In addition to Apple’s mixed reality headset, it is expected to launch augmented reality glasses by 2025. Kuo says the goggles do not yet have a prototype and work continues.

Kuo says that glasses will provide an “optical clear AR experience” and more than a mixed reality headset. a mobile product It states that it will be positioned as. Your glasses, Apple Car arrive with and compatible with vehicle It is said that it can work.

The report is expected to be released in 2030 at the earliest. with contact lens Not many relevant details were included, but the product, from the visible computing age to the invisible computing age It was stated that he would play a role in the transition.


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