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Earlier to pirate sites a group of filmmakers who sued, LiquidVPN started a war against SMR Hosting running its service. Coming to LiquidVPN copyright case it is a first.

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The accusation of legitimizing piracy

Filmmakers, LiquidVPN’s services while introducing, clearly incitement to piracy They state that. Therefore, plaintiffs, the company’s copyright and US laws says he is responsible for the violation. According to the lawsuit, LiquidVPN itself “Best VPN for torrent and P2P file sharingThe promotions on the service’s site also prevent piracy. legitimizing similar expressions are used.

Additionally, on LiquidVPN’s website, there is a media player containing and also free BitTorrent client the one Popcorn TimeThere is also a section dedicated to. Plaintiffs, for every pirated movie For 150 thousand dollars While claiming compensation, VPN users are also denial of access they also want

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