As you know, in many online-focused games loot box has. Loot box is a box containing many items with different features and according to your luck one or more items come out of this box. These loot boxes are generally purchased for money and whether you will get your money’s worth. it’s all luck is happening. Loot boxes in general FIFA, CS: GO and we can see it in other games like this.

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Loot box’ların whether it is gambling has been discussed for years. As you can imagine, gaming companies argue that there is no gambling, governments are also gambling thinks. Many countries have made some breakthroughs in it in the past years. Now a breakthrough also comes from Germany.

The mirror’as reported by German Bundestag, all games with loot box +18 age limit It is organizing a legal reform to bring it. If the reform is approved, all games with loot boxes will be available in Germany next spring. +18 age limit will come.

In the past years Belgium and the Netherlandsconcluded that the loot box was gambling. In belgium Selling FIFA points was banned and to EA in the Netherlands 10 million euro fine had given. There is no breakthrough for this situation in our country yet.

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