On the Ice universe twitter account, one of the famous leak accounts, it was officially introduced last week. Meizu 18‘in ultrasonik fingerprint scanner tested the reaction speed.

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Meizu 18 and 18 Pro, Qualcommsecond generation of ultrasonic using a fingerprint scanner. Same sensor flagship Samsung Galaxy S21Also available in. Meizu, unlocking is just In 0.1 seconds and claiming to happen even if your fingers are wet. It seems that the Chinese manufacturer is not at all not exaggerating.

On video As you can see, the fingerprint scanner of the Meizu 18 is really instantly and perfect somehow it works. To unlock, simply touch the screen and keep your finger on it. At the same time, even from Samsung’s flagships faster alleged to be.

Meizu 18 and 18 ProIn China on March 8, respectively 680 ila $ 773 It went on sale with a price tag of between.

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