Microsoft is expected to make some announcements with the Bethesda acquisition this week. News from the industry explanations expected according to 11 March Thursday will be held on the day. At this event, Microsoft will provide detailed information about what the Bethesda acquisition means.

Microsoft’s $ 7.5 billion Bethesda deal recently received official approval from the European Union Commission. Microsoft waited for this decision to come before making detailed statements about the deal. With the announcement of the decision, everything is now ready.

Don’t expect new game announcements

The announcements to be made on Thursday are expected to focus more on the Xbox Game Pass side. We will see the first effects of the Microsoft-Bethesda deal on the Game Pass side. Bethesda’s popular series such as Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Doom, The Evil Within, and Wolfenstein will be added completely to the Game Pass library. This major integration is expected to be completed very soon.

On the other hand, Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg denied the rumors of new game announcements for Xbox this month. Therefore, statements about Bethesda’s previously unannounced games are not expected on Thursday. However, new statements may be made regarding the games that have already been announced.

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