MicrosoftThe new generation console of game shortage attracts. However, this year for both consoles in terms of games. it will be a busy year. At least if the games do not continue to be postponed.

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Many so far game announced By the Xbox and most of them this year will be published in. Of course, other than the games announced by Xbox, third-party games are also available this year. number of games will increase. But recently, Xbox Program Management Director Jason RonaldAccording to the statement of the company, it will be released this year. more Xbox games may be.

Xbox Program Management Director Jason Ronald recently attended Iron Lords Podcast’the games that will be released this year not fully announced clearly stated. But unfortunately a detail did not share. Oddly enough, last week, Xbox Marketing boss Aaron Greenberg, In a very short time there will be no new announcements had said.

What do we think awaits us in the ongoing process We’ll see. Undoubtedly, one of the most striking games among the rumored games that will be released this year. Elden Ring.

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