Quantum Break, Alan Wake and Control The studio that developed many successful games such as Remedy EntertainmentIt was announced that he was working on five different games.

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Remedy CEO, as reported by Gamesindustry.biz Tero Virtala, your studio is now five different games says he’s working on it. Working on these five games also 4 different teams and one of these 4 teams Epic Games and they develop two games. Both these games they developed will take place in the same universe. From games someone AAA while the other one will be little experience aims to present.

Remedy CEO’s Tero Virtala, Funded by Epic Games for the game “Your players to spend more time a universe we want. “ He commented.

Remedy is currently Vanguard an online game named code and Crossfire X Your online game named single player story mode is improving. The remaining projects Unfortunately, there is currently no information about. But your fans have been Alan Wake I have to say that he is waiting.


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