Alien, Blade Runner, Successful director of films such as The Martian and Gladiator Ridley ScottSeason 2 filming of Raised By Wolves, the new drama of ‘, has begun.

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Weekly Drama Proposal 05: Raised by Wolves

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First season aired in September 2020 the science fiction series Raised by Wolvesshortly after its release second season confirmation had already taken it. One of the leading actors of the series in the past hours Abubakar Salim, The second season of the series with a post he made the shooting started explained.

Produced and directed by Ridley Scott Writer of the movie Prisoner Aaron Guzikowskiis currently a second season of Raised by Wolves. release date Unknown. Likewise, other details are unfortunately not yet known.

Raised by Wolves, where the world is destroyed and a science fiction series set in a future where androids raise children. Although the first episodes won the admiration of many people, as the episodes progress to their negative reactions was exposed.

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