Although it has become the subject of great debate recently, WhatsApp is still the most used messaging platform and continues to improve itself on the security side. Finally, the encrypted backup feature came to light.

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WhatsApp As is known, he secured the chats by encrypting them end-to-end. However, backing up chats to the cloud was done without encryption. WhatsApp is now working on this and your chats that were recently backed up to the cloud will also be stored encrypted.

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Although sources state that this is not end-to-end encryption, it is an important step. Users will be able to open chat backups with this password when switching to the new device, and they will also protect against unwanted access.

WhatsApp Besides, it also works on images that disappear in a certain period of time. It turned out that a screenshot of images that disappeared within 24 hours could be taken. For these innovations, of course, you will have to accept the user agreement on May 15.

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