Hackers, many companies security camera He organized a cyber attack on the Verkada company, which provides the service. Hackers More than 150 thousand They are reportedly gaining unauthorized access to the camera. These include hospitals, prisonsschools, police stations and even Verkada have their own offices.

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Elon Musk’s cyber attack electric car company also got its share. Tesla factories and warehouses 222 the security camera was also hacked. Also internet security and content distribution company Cloudflarecameras in offices in San Francisco, Austin, London and New York are also unauthorized access became a victim.

The purpose of the attack is explained

The spokesperson of the international hacker group behind the attack, Tillie Kottmann common to show that these systems are used and it could break easily stated that it was to prove. Kottmann only real time not only to the camera images, but also to all Verkada customers to video archives and company to accounting records He also says that they managed to gain access.

Verkada provides a broad overview of the incident. investigation announced that it was launched. The company keeps all internal administrator accounts to prevent unauthorized access. out of order has left. On the subject of cyber attack warning customers the company has a support line started to help companies affected by the attack.


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