Adventure game published by Digerati and developed by Glee-Cheese Studio A Musical Storyannounced for iOS devices.

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A Musical Story, 1970s It’s a semi-rhythm, semi-interactive game. Memory with music A game that takes as the main focus. The whole story of the game Led Zeppelin, Air ve Pink Floyd It is transmitted with original music influenced by groups such as. So in the game There is no dialogue.

Of the game designer and composer Charles Bardin, players with both gameplay and story will take place in your mind He expressed that they wanted to make a game. If we look at the video of the game, we can say that it seems that they have achieved what they wanted.

The game is clear release date no but this summer It is expected to be released for iOS, Switch, PC and Xbox One. Of the game shop page Unfortunately, it is not known what kind of requirement it wants in iOS. Same way the price is also unknown.

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