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OnePlusone of the founders of Carl Peiis preparing to launch new products with Nothing, the company that he founded after leaving the company last year. Nothingwireless headset, the first product expected to be presented to users this summer.Concept 1‘and presented his first image. Headphone, transparent will have a design.

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Transparent products will come

Nothing, the concept design he shares, is a that you are inspired by a pipe says. Looking at the presented image of the product, the headset appears to be largely transparent. The concept headset has a ‘NOTHING’ label on a black background, except for white, black and red rings.

Carl Pei states that the design philosophy of the concept headset will also be included in the company’s future products. The headset to be released with the shared image to a similar design language Although it is said that the final product will look different, it has been announced. Nothing it seems, transparent design will use it in future products.

Pei said in a statement: “We’re breaking technology into the basics, embracing the raw technology that every gram and every byte lives for a purpose. adding value “We remove everything superficial like unnecessary branding to focus on things.”

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