Google, Chrome OS celebrates the 10th birthday of the operating system. With the celebrations, the tech giant brings many improvements and new features to the operating system. According to Google, all of these new features are helping people get their work done and Chromebook It is designed to provide a simple computing experience to people who use it.

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Many new features and improvements are offered

With new updates, the experience between a Chromebook and an Android phone is made more functional. Google, so you can take advantage of a built-in control center Phone Hubmakes it available. In this way, some features of the Android phone will be accessible from the Chromebook.

Via Phone Hub, from your Android phone able to reply to the messageyour phone battery life and can even control the cellular signal you will be able to find your device. Also, on your Android phone you last opened You will also be able to access the Chrome browser tabs.

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Your Chromebook is now the same trusted Google account you use on your Android phone and other Chrome OS devices when you sign in Wi-Fi to their networks automatically can be connected.

Will be available in the coming months Nearby Share With this feature, you will be able to share files quickly and securely between your Chromebook and other Chrome OS or Android devices.

Other upcoming major improvements to Chromebooks include the new, accessible from the Quick Settings menu. media controls and an improved cloth takes place. With optimized clipboard, copied you will be able to save the last five items. So you can easily paste any or all of them on a new page without having to switch between windows.

New in the update, accessible from the Quick Settings menu. Screen Capture Now it’s easier to take screenshots or recordings with the tool.

Right click on a word which will automatically present useful information such as definition, translation or unit conversion without the need to open a tab or search Quick Answers sounds feature.

Google to help you organize your workspace Virtual Deskshealed. Now when you restart your device, all your windows will be restored to their previous desk without interrupting your workflow.


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