Coronavirus The whole world has been closed to home for about a year and is waiting for a successful vaccination. As such, what comes to the state of the world vaccine manufacturersrunning towards billions of dollars of income.

The British newspaper The Guardian prepared a comprehensive future forecast about the income of Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers. According to contracts with countries, dose prices, contracts, revenues earned to date and increase in stock market shares Estimated sales revenues in 2021 was revealed. But there has been a clear estimate is not enough information about the number of vaccines, including the vaccine Sinovac also be purchased in Turkey. According to estimates, the companies that will earn the most will be Pfizer and BioNTech companies.

Which producer will earn how much? (Sorting by estimated earnings)

1. Pfizer/BioNTech: 15-30 milyar dolar

The vaccine, which was developed jointly by the German BioNTech company founded by Uğur Şahin and Özlem Türeci, and the US company Pfizer, is the most widely used vaccine in the world. A contract has been signed with many countries, including Turkey. The USA will receive 200 million doses, the European Union 300 million doses, COVAX 40 million doses of vaccine. According to the contract, the fee for two doses of the vaccine is $ 39 from the US and $ 30 from the European Union.

Pfizer and BionTech, according to the contracts in question, from vaccine sales in 2021 15 billion dollars revenue will achieve. It was stated that the production capacity could increase to 2 billion doses this year. If this capacity is reached before the end of the year and all vaccines are sold, the income of the two companies For 30 billion dollars will be released.

Pfizer shares 1.8 percent in the last 12 months, BioNTech’s shares 156 percent value won.

2. Moderna: $ 18-20 billion

US vaccine manufacturer Moderna made an official statement about its revenues in 2021 and $ 18.4 billion in sales revenue he announced that he was waiting. According to the forecasts of Barclys analyst Gena Wang, sales revenues in 2021 will reach $ 19.6 billion. 12.2 billion dollars in 2022 and 11.4 billion dollars in 2023 will be generated.

Moderna’s share value in 12 months increased by 372 percent.

3. Johnson&Johnson: 10 milyar dolar

The J&J vaccine, administered as a single dose, was developed in Belgium using the adenovirus method. It stands out with its ability to be stored in an ordinary refrigerator for three months.

According to the company’s goals, at least 1 billion doses will be delivered in 2021 and $ 10 billion in sales revenue to be achieved. The US government ordered 100 million doses. If he wishes, he has the priority of taking up to 200 million doses. The deal was made at $ 10 per dose.

Johnson & Johnson shares in the last 12 months 7.7 percent increase showed.

4. AstraZeneca / Oxford: $ 2 – 3 billion

The vaccine developed by AstraZeneca company with Oxford University with the adenovirus vector method is sold at a very cheap price. AstraZeneca firm has stated that it is not for profit. Two doses are available for between $ 4.30 and $ 10.

The USA has signed contracts for 300 million doses, the UK 100 million doses and the European Union up to 400 million. Japan ordered the amount of doses worth £ 120 million.

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British National Health System announced that 2 people with Pfizer-Biontech vaccine named BNT162b2 developed an allergic reaction.

This year, according to research company SVB Leerink 1.9 billion dollarsThey anticipate $ 3 billion in sales revenue in 2022. If AstraZeneca reaches its 3 billion-dose production target, its revenues in 2021 will be much higher.

AstraZeneca’s shares in the last 12 months fell by 8.6 percent.

5.Sinovac: Billions of dollars

Turkey has purchased 50 million doses, and so far our country produces 10 million doses of vaccine administered Coronavac the Chinese company Sinovac is. Sinovac’s vaccine that Turkey, as well as China, Brazil, Indonesia and used in China. Contracts signed with Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. In addition, it is planned to give 10 million doses of vaccine to the COVAX vaccine organization.

Sinovac states that it will produce more than 1 billion doses of vaccine by 2021. The Guardian newspaper reported that revenue from sales this year billions of dollars He states that he will be, but will not give an estimated number. The uncertainty of the numbers in the vaccine contract has an effect.

Sinovac’s shares in the last 12 months fell by 21.6 percent.

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6. Gamelaya Institute (Sputnik-V): several billion dollars

Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine is being developed by the Gamelaya Institute and the Russian Investment fund. More than 50 countries have ordered so far. AstraZeneca is currently investigating the effectiveness of two doses of Sputnik-V vaccine with its own vaccine. This combination is predicted to generate large amounts of antibodies and be effective.

The vaccine will be produced by 15 manufacturers in 10 different countries. For the production of the Sputnik-V vaccine studies to be completed in Turkey. According to the plans, 1.4 billion doses will be produced during the year. Two doses of the vaccine will cost $ 20 or less. The Russian Government provides the vaccine free of charge.

Data is not enough to make predictions, but several billion dollars revenue is estimated.

7.Novavax: a few billion dollars

The vaccine, produced by the US company Novavax with the recombinant method, has not yet been approved for use from any country. Britain, Canada, Australia and the European Union ordered a total of 300 million doses. The price of this vaccine is lower than others. It has even been announced that the selling price in Africa will be $ 3.

Novavax, according to the signed agreements, within the next 12 months several billion dollars sales revenue announced that he would achieve. No clear predictions were made.

The company’s share in the last 12 months by 1128 percent gained value. This crazy increase is due to the fact that the Novavax company has been researching for 30 years and no vaccine has yet been approved and the Covid-19 vaccine is very close to getting approval.

8.CureVac: It is unclear

The vaccine produced by the German company CureVac has not yet been approved. Approval is planned for the summer months. The European Union has placed an order for 225 million doses and a promise of 180 million doses. The company plans to produce 300 million doses of vaccine in 2021. Since no financial details about the vaccine price have been disclosed to date, 2021 revenues cannot be estimated.

Shares of the company in the last 12 months by 45.5 percent gained value.

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