Mobile technologies are constantly evolving and it is not possible to compare a mobile device we used 5 years ago with a mobile device released today. Much better processors, cameras, memory technologies and storage areas are naturally reflected in games.

iOS games have become huge

In fact, an approach that is traditional in the game world is reflected in the mobile world. As games get better, computer hardware gets stronger, or as computer hardware gets stronger, games get better. So it is a little difficult to find which one triggers each other.

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Pixel image of the 2000s in the mobile world Prince of Persia We have come from today’s game to games like Fortnite that do not look like computer graphics. Consequently, the size of the games has also grown enormously.

Sensor Tower According to an analysis made by, the storage size of iOS games in 2016 increased by 76 percent and reached an average size of 465MB. It is stated that the company’s top 100 revenue generating game analysis in 2016 is based on this study.

It is stated that popular productions such as Roblox, Fortnite and Candy Crush Saga grew 30 percent between 2019-2020 alone. From now on, the dimensions will increase continuously, because this cycle will continue as long as the console-quality graphics continues.

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