One of the world’s largest video streaming platforms Netflix‘s new movie Concrete Cowboy’The release date of the flour has been announced.

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The name of this new Netflix movie with a Western theme Concrete Cowboy will be and April 2It is expected to be broadcast on Netflix. The director and screenwriter of the film Ricky StaubIt will also be the first feature film of Turkey. Also on the script Dan Walser also accompany.

Having acted in many successful films before Idris Elba | is one of the leading roles in the movie. The other leading role is Stranger Things we know from the series Caleb McLaughlin. The rest the players are as follows: Lorraine Toussaint, Method Man, Jharrel Jerome, Swen Temmel, Byron Bowers, Jennifer Butler ve Kristoffe Brodeur.

Concrete Cowboy; It is about 15-year-old Cole (McLaughlin) being sent to Philadelphia to live with his estranged father (Elba) from his home in Detroit.

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