Although it has been criticized extensively for a period, it is one of the most used platforms in the world. Twitcha new system testing looks like

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As you know, partnership with Twitch publishers from various pharaohs can receive advertisements. This new system tested by Twitch is also the publishers of advertisers. can choose right a system developed on behalf of. Cybersecurity student Daylam TayariAccording to what discovered by Twitch, this new system; age, taking into account various criteria such as suspension history and partnership status automatically rates publishers.

There is no official statement from Twitch on the subject yet, but Endgadget editors contacted a Twitch spokesperson. Twitch spokesperson directly disapprove himself; right ad right people Various studies are continuing in order to bring them together and user privacy for other methods due to their importance what they do research expressed.

Twitch Brand Safety Score This system called YouTube ve TwitterIt is very similar to the system used by. An official statement will be made by Twitch in the future.

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