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Of the company wearable accessory one of the popular devices in the field Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite received software update. 4.1.20 official software upgraded to version Xiaomi Wear thanks to the device various settings and automatic functions added.

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With the update, smart watch owners, during sleep automatically activated smart Do not bother was able to access the function. Vibration mode and “turn the wrist“recognizing the movement sensitivity it has also become possible to adjust.

New features and stability updates

When a call comes in Android smartphone owners can now call using the corresponding button on the watch screen. can end. When Bluetooth is turned off, smart watch owners that the connection has been lost They will receive regular notifications about them. In addition, the developers have eliminated the bugs and the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite determination increased.

Past December Mi Watch Lite introduced in the middle of the month, 1.4 inch screen, 11 exercise modes and 5 ATM It went on sale with its waterproof feature. According to the company, the device is by nine days can be used.

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