The first to feature Apple’s autonomous driving technology with his electric car related news continues to come. As you remember, South Korean auto manufacturers Hyundai ve kia It was reported that he had talks with him. Afterwards Nissanwas also named.

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Discussions between the Cupertino company and automakers, according to the latest report from Bloomberg. deadlocked case. Apple watches on iPhones instead of partnering with major car brands strategy It is stated that it can be activated. So the company exists from contract manufacturers may choose to work with someone.

Foxconn and Magna stand out

Not so stranger to the company for the production of Apple Car Foxconn and Magna their names stand out. Foxconn, as you know, for a long time Apple’s Business partner in position. Magna is for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Porsche and Tesla. produces parts. In addition, the company had previously been involved in the Apple Car project.

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