Cassette technology, which today’s children have never seen in their lives, was indispensable for a period. The inventor of the cassette technology, which the music lovers kept with at least 5-10 pieces, died.

Who is Lou Ottens?

Born in the Netherlands in 1926 Lou Ottens In fact, he was interested in electronics at a young age. During the Second World War, he made a radio to listen to Radio Oranje broadcasts. During the war, Nazi technology was able to avoid this by developing an omnidirectional antenna system as it distorted radio signals.

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Post-war college graduates Ottens same year Philips was hired by. The compact cassette recorder of Ottens, which rose to the management of Hasselt facilities, was also one of the best-selling devices at that time.

Sound recordings or music recordings were made in the 60s on large records or with tapes wrapped in circular rolls. Lou Ottens, who was a Philips engineer at the time, started his work with the belief that people should listen to music on smaller and more affordable bands.

Ottens’ first prototype had a wooden body and could fit in a pocket. Although Philips was not convinced that he would be successful in the first place, Ottens eventually managed to convince his company. Introduced in 1963, the compact cassette unit can be filled from the factory or sold empty for the user to fill. In both cases, the user could fill the cassette over and over again.

Ottens, who also helped Sony and Philips to develop compact cassettes, was the spark of a revolution, especially in the field of music. With the invention of the Walkman concept, people can now listen to music on the move and record the music they want on the radio or on a tape. Music on the move today is an ordinary subject, but in the 1970-80 period it was seen as a miracle. It is stated that Ottens, who made great contributions to recording technologies after his retirement, died on March 6 when he was 94 years old.

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